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Tooth Decay Rife in Children | London Facial Surgeons

Shocking Numbers Show Alarming State of Childrens’ Teeth

Apples OrangesShocking figures released from The Telegraph show that tooth decay is the number one reason children are admitted to hospital, causing worry over the sugary diet most primary school children are inadvertantly subjected to.

The Worrying Figures

We have always known that sugary sweets and soft drinks are bad for our teeth but it appears that nowadays a huge number of children are exposed to diets which can result in baby teeth rotting at an alarming rate. Over 26,000 children were treated for tooth decay in the past year alone, an increase of over 3,000 in the past three years. Nearly 500 children between the ages of five and nine were admitted to hospital each week due to tooth decay, mostly due to the intense pain suffered. Some of these patients were forced to receive general anaesthetic and have between ten and fourteen of their baby teeth removed because of the decay. At such a young age, recovering from these operations can be painful, often traumatic and could cause further issues in the development of their teeth.

What Can Be Done?

Although the option for childhood fillings is there, most dentists would rather hold off on such an invasive procedure in order to see how the decay develops in childrens’ baby teeth. For the diet of modern children to have such a drastic effect on teeth, dentists want more thought to go into the fruit juices and fizzy drinks served in schools, which have an abnormally high sugar content. NHS England released a statement suggesting that parents discourage their children from consuming such drinks and food and to take more time to explain the dangers of tooth decay. With the British Dental Health Foundation and NHS England attempting to bring the problem to the forefront of parents’ minds, these rather shocking numbers should hopefully cause a stir among parents who may not have already realised just how bad these sugary drinks can be.

The Future For Childrens’ Teeth

Whilst many parents actively discourage their children from drinking fizzy drinks, schools and nurseries often still stock them. Interestingly, many parents who opt for fruit juices rather than sugar-filled fizzy bevarages are unaware of the extremely high sugar-content of many juice brands, which can often contain more bad ingredients than expected. To avoid having to put children through rather nasty surgeries which can be scary and painful, parents should more mindful of just how much sugar their child consumes each day.

Elizabeth Bowdler; find me on Google+.

July 24, 2014 

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