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New Tool For Cancer Diagnosis Could Save Lives

Elderly Men Chatting SmallA new laser guided tool could help diagnose cancer immediately. The procedure could even happen at the GPs' office during routine appointments, cutting down on specialist waiting times and helping patients receive treatment far earlier, which could save thousands of lives.

The Revolutionary Tool

Scientists from Birmingham City University and the University of Central Lancashire teamed up to create this revolutionary new laser-guided tool. The characteristics of cancerous cells are different from those that are healthy and, with the laser tool, the light dispersed through the cancerous cells will appear differently, allowing doctors to diagnose cancer in real-time. It works by shining a laser beam on the infected area, which will then emit a ‘signature’ spectrum. This will then be read by a synthesiser which will convert the signature into a sound, thereby determining if the cell is cancerous or not.

How Will This Help?

Currently, testing for cancer is a laborious and time-consuming process which can lead to an emotional and agonising wait, not just to see a specialist but also in getting results. Not only is this wait an emotionally-draining time for patients, it can also be life-threatening. If the cancer is not discovered early enough, the prognosis can get bleaker and bleaker, making this new invention a welcome change for patients and doctors alike. Being able to diagnose someone immediately from the comfort of a GP’s office cuts waiting time almost to nothing and allows patient’s to either ease their worries, or if the worst should happen, begin planning treatment much earlier than before.

The Future For Cancer Treatment

Although we all hope to find a cure for cancer, it is important in the meantime to ensure that patient’s receive the best and most competent cancer treatments available - our skin cancer program details are available here.

This new laser tool could not only help diagnose various forms of cancer, but can also be helpful during operations. Using the laser to highlight diseased areas will help to make sure the surgeon catches all of the cancerous cells without leaving any behind, which in turn could result in the saving of countless lives. For use both internally and on the skin, as well as testing blood samples taken by doctors, the scientists behind this marvel of medicine hope for it to be available for widespread use within five years, giving many hope for an easier diagnosis and a more thorough treatment.

Elizabeth Bowdler; find me on Google+

August 07, 2014 

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