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Could Tablets Combat Obesity? | London Facial Surgeons

Food Capsule Created To Combat Obesity

MedicationA new type of food capsule which tricks the body into believing it is full could help curb the startling levels of obesity prevalant in the UK today. Here we look at the details of the new wonder pill and how it could help save both money and lives.

What Causes Obesity?

One in four people in the UK are now classified as obese, a statistic which speaks of the high levels of fat and salt in our food, as well as demonstrating unhealthy lifestyles or lack of motivation and support. However, there may be a less existential reason behind obesity which points more to the communication of our organs with the brain. The international journal of gastroenterology and hepatology, known as the GUT, published findings of a study, conducted by Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, which stated that one of the main differences between people of a healthy weight and those suffering from obesity is that the latter’s body seems to ignore the signal from the small intestine to the brain which communicates that the body has become full.

The Food Capsule

The London School of Medicine and Dentistry’s study shows that a new type of capsule, intended to trick the body into believing it has become full, could help lessen the need for invasive and expensive surgeries, such as gastric band surgery or liposuction. Currently, those with a high body mass index which may directly be endangering their life are recommended for a gastric bypass surgery, which essentially allows undigested food to bypass the small intestine straight to the lower intestine which is where the appetite-surpessing hormones are released. The new capsule is designed to mimick the results of a gastric bypass by communicating the ‘I am full’ message to the brain, using supplements which are naturally occuring in the body.

How Will This Help?

Currently, the rate of obesity is rising at an alarming rate. In 1993, 15% of the population were classified as obese; this number has risen by 10% and is continuing to rise year by year. The NHS has recently discussed lowering the level of BMI (Body Mass Index) needed in order to qualify for gastric band surgery, however it is invasive surgery costing around £5,000 and has caused a debacle among critics who believe that the NHS should be doing more to prevent obesity rather than attempting to cure it. The new supplement capsule is a somewhat novel idea, which nothing of the sort being trialled before, and its creators hope for it to be widely available within the next five years to tackle what has become a serious problem for the UK. As well as reducing strain on the NHS to perform more gastric bypass surgeries as a solution, the supplement is less expensive and hopes to be more effective in helping those who are overweight reach a much higher quality of life.

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July 24, 2014 

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