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Alwyn D'Souza Discusses Laser Treatment | London Facial Surgeons


Drinking Tea by Window SmallThe use of Lasers, both in cosmetic practice, as well as for medical conditions has grown exponentially over the last few years. This is fuelled by significant advances in laser technology and equipment, resulting in minimal recovery time, with much improved results. Equally the use has increased, but regulation of the industry is rather poor, in Mr D’Souza’s opinion.

The reason for this brief article is to give you an overview of light therapy in facial aesthetics particularly discussing laser therapy verses other forms of light treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). These treatments do carry a significant risk of scarring and this is one of the other reasons, clients should seek the opinion of experienced laser surgeons or laser dermatologists.

The London Facial Surgery laser clinic, uses state of the art lasers to provide a high quality service, with excellent care provided by dedicated laser surgeons, dermatologist and nurses throughout your treatment and long after.

In Mr D’Souza’s opinion consumers often do not clearly understand the difference between the laser treatments provided in specialist clinics such as London Facial Surgery where services are consultant led specifically for e.g. by Facial Plastic Surgeons and some of the other providers with less than adequate knowledge and experience. Further more it is common to use intense pulsed light (IPL) machines for treatment, and call them lasers whilst there is a significant difference between the two modalities.

Whilst laser light is frequency specific, which means treatment is less likely to cause unwanted damage to your skin, intense pulsed light (IPL), is a combination of a number of frequencies of light and therefore can cause significant unwanted thermal damage to your skin.

The state of the art, Type 4 lasers are labelled depending on the frequency, (carbon dioxide laser, Nd:Yag laser, pulsed dye laser, alexandrite laser, diode laser and so on). What this means is, each laser emits a very specific frequency and this frequency is used to target very specific problems. For example, Nd:Yag laser can be used to treat blood vessels and pulsed dye laser can be used to treat facial redness. Carbon dioxide laser on the other hand is used to treat skin wrinkling and achieve skin tightness.

Mr D’Souza therefore recommends specific laser treatment, depending on the aesthetic problems and desired outcome. He offers honest, friendly advice with a clear realist goal. His team of nurses, doctors, and patient care coordinators work to provide you with a seamless service, with some of the best outcomes possible.  

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